Company Background - PCS VISION SDN. BHD.
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Company Background

Company Background


PCS Vision was incorporated in Malaysia on November 27th 2000 as a manufacturer of hi-tech electronic and digital communication products in line with the nation’s call to achieve Malaysia’s 2020 Vision. In the age of information technology, information is the key, and PCS Vision’s focus on IT and timing was just spot on.


Since its inception, PCS Vision has been playing a vital role both in the industry and the nation as a key manufacturer of various state-of-the-art electronic display systems. With a team of experienced and committed technical talents, the company has managed to deliver customizable, high quality electronic display systems for a wide range of industrial applications, top to bottom.


PCS Vision is always keeping abreast with the latest technological advancement and takes great pride for being able to provide practical solution packages in integrated Electronic Display technology, for all weather conditions and environments, serving corporations big or small corporations, locally or internationally. It has garnered a stellar reputation in this field, in terms of customer satisfaction and technical support.


Today, PCS Vision is headquartered in its Taman Perindustrian Meru Indah office. It is the heard of operation for its production, research & development, finance, administration, technical support, sales and marketing activities. Our diversed pool of talent has enabled the company to embark on a full-scale expansion on various applications development and to employ more complex manufacturing processes to cater to an ever-changing demand from our customers.

Recognising the tremendous growth potential in the rapidly growing information and telecommunication market, PCS Vision has opted to specialise in the electronic display market, with specific focus on:

Design, develop and fabricate tailor-made electronic display system for industrial and commercial applications, both locally and overseas.

Install, commission and maintain state-of-the-art electronic display equipment for project and non-project-based works, locally and overseas

Promote and educate the Malaysian public on the benefit of hi-tech electronic display technologies industry.

Provide turnkey solution packages and act as the system integrator in electronic display projects.

In alignment with the above mentioned objectives, the company has applied its expertise and technology in the fallowing major applications:

Electronic information & message display systems, both indoor and outdoor, optimised for banks, buses, car parks, stock exchanges, stadiums, traffic lights, hotels, airports etc.

To satisfy the local technology and market requirements, PCS Vision has also deployed the following major integrated system applications:

Integrated security control & card access management system

Integrated traffic control surveillance system

Integrated toll collection system

Intelligent car park system with Touch N Go

Integrated bus terminal system

Intelligent traffic management system

Intelligent closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system

For more details, refer to the the section under ‘Products’  and  ‘Services’ .

With a solid foundation in the electronic display market, the company has ventured into new areas of business. One of the targeted areas is M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) applications.


This move is in line with our strength in the electronic engineering field. Through the synergy between electronic engineering and M&E, the company would now be able to provide a total package solution to our clients.


Our team of skilled and experienced electrical and mechanical engineers allow us to cater to a client’s major M&E needs such as power installation, telecommunication systems, heating/cooling systems and other vital electro-mechanical systems. We have a vast supplier network to source for any equipment which best fit the customer specifications.


For the mechanical packages, we provide services in plumbing and sanitary fittings, air-conditioning, cold water, fire alarm, lift and escalators etc.


For the electrical packages, we specialise in LV (low voltage systems) such as switchboard, cabling and UPS (uninterrupted power supply), as well as ELV (extra low voltage systems) such as CCTV, PA, SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) and etc.

We are committed to providing the best possible services to our clients in the following areas, including but not limited to:

Thorough need & requirement analysis

Professional advice on specific requirements

Designing an optimal system based on your needs and requirements

Integrating visual solutions into your system

Working with your team to see the project through to completion

Rendering warranty and post-warranty technical support and maintenance

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