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Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

PCS solutions for PIDS, with intuitive user displays that allow complete control at multiple workstations across the operational control centres and each station. Multiple server redundancy ensures peace of mind whilst each workstation also includes its own local server, so that each station’s passenger information displays can continue to operate even if the line’s IP network fails.


PCS’s graphic passenger information displays include live train running information in multiple languages, videos, and revenue-earning advertising space, all controlled centrally. The system also seamlessly integrates with the third-party fire alarm system, where displays on the platforms show important passenger information in the event of an emergency.


PCS’s passion for security. We understand that customers need to rely on us completely to safeguard their businesses. We have been established for over 10 years within the security industry. To deliver high quality product at a competitive price whilst ensuring customer satisfaction and needs are achieved. That’s why every security contract we undertake we ensure we consistently deliver the very highest professional standards.


We offer the world’s fastest multi-megapixel network cameras (8MP,5MP,3MP,2MP and 1.3MP) that support full-motion video frames. Our new line of H.264 high definition cameras provides security professionals with the flexibility of frame rate and resolution for a variety of applications.

  • Dome Camera
  • Fixed Camera
  • Vandal Dome Camera
  • PTZ Camera
  • Shockproof Camera
  • Underwater Camera

Public Address Systems

PCS provides PA systems which has amplification and routing which works together with our PIDS. With redundant A+B routing and amplification. The system also seamlessly integrates with the third-party fire alarm system.

Intercom Solution

  • Intercom stations with access control capabilities for doors, gates and barriers
  • Special Intercom stations for mobility, sight or hearing impaired people
    Intercom stations for lifts
  • Intercom Modules for Integration into Ticket Machines, Barriers, Cash Dispensers
  • Behind-panel Intercom modules with excellent speech quality that integrate easily into toll collection machines

Public Address Branch eXchange (PABX)

With the primary need to provide internal communication among the railway operation personnel, Private Automatic Branch eXchange (PABX) allows them to communicate internally or remotely. It eases the communication between stations and central station which is very important especially in case of emergency.

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