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Lighting System

Lighting System


LED has outgrown conventional florescent lighting as the choice for homes and offices. The benefits are real – higher lumens per watt, longer lifespan, lower cost per annum, extremely durable, and doesn’t impact the environment negatively. Together with traditional luminaires and smart systems, we help match your lighting needs with cost-effective solutions.

SCHONE Series Downlights


We offer a wide range of LED downlights to choose from for your projects. The choices are astoundingly many. Choose between flat/recessed surface, clear/frosted glass, fix/gimbal mechanism, colour temperatures – all from a variety of designs. Our complete lighting range answers to your needs with both quality and performance that you can experience every time you turn on the switch.

pdf icon2    SCHONE Series Downlights

STARK Series Tubelights


With a strong emphasis on performance in mind, the STÄRK Lighting Collection is the embodiment of powerful lighting. Every luminaire is designed with state-of-the-art technology to effectively maximise the strength of lighting. With an in-depth understanding of each individual component, we have engineered an industrial-strength luminaire that can conquer any environment.

pdf icon2    STARK Series Tubelights



We believe in the expression of light and space to create art. Be it at work, home or the outdoors, exceptional lighting is the key to visually experience the vibrant world around us. With the SOLIDE Lighting Collection, we promise you a solid experience in lighting with an emphasis on energy saving and cost efficiency.

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