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Production & Quality Assurance

Production & Quality Assurance


Located in Kuantan and Klang, the production plants import LEDs and parts from overseas and focus on assembly. The engineers are able to customise the LEDs designs into various configuration such as consumer electronic products or other applications.


The assembly of the LEDs are fully automated. Upon arrival, the LEDs are subjected to the sorting and separation process based on colours and  other attributes. The sorted LEDs are then sent to robotic auto insertion machine, whereby the LEDs are inserted into the PCB driver card. The LED legs will be trimmed off by the cutter, before being soldered and sealed with aluminum. The entire process is computerised and fully automated, ensuring a clean and precise operation.


The modular LED driver cards will be assembled by production operators, they also attach and connect the serial signal cables and power cables. Tests on the LED components, circuit as well as the controller cards will then be conducted.


PCS Vision has been investing heavily in the production and assembly plants, which has a large production capacity, and it is currently undergoing expansion. In an effort to strengthen and grow our position as one of the major suppliers in the electronic display market, the expansion drive aims at capturing a bigger market share in Malaysia as well as to serve our oversea customers better.


PCS Vision always strive to offer the best technology in Malaysia. Tapping into our vast experience in system designs and M&E, we have been integrating products sourced both locally and overseas to meet customer’s specifications. The installation and deployment of the systems and products are carried out by our installation team with minimal supervision from the vendors. We provide warranty for all the parts with full maintenance service.


PCS Vision is fully committed to quality assurance. It has successfully qualified and obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification for all its product and service through British Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. PCS Vision parent company, Kin Kee Group has also obtained the ISO certification through the same organisation.

PCS Vision is currently undergoing and upgrade to have fully computerised control on its product quality tests and when conducting LED burning tests for its entire range of products manufactured in its plant. Its Manufacturing Quality Control Practice Standard is to comply with the stringent ISO 9001:2008 protocol, ensuring exceptional product quality.


By adhering strictly to its internal quality control protocol, PCS Vision had managed to establish its reputation and gained recognition from all its clients, who have high level of confidence in its products and services. This in turn help to generate more new business opportunities from the long standing clients.


Here at PCS Vision, we never compromise on Quality!


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