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Railway Solutions

Railway Solutions


PCS VISION’s railway solutions are technologically the most advanced, reliable and cost effective solutions to exceed the requirements of the most exacting of customers. This gives the operater not only operational excellence but also reduces cost. Some of the key subsystems are:

PAPIDS (Public Address and Passenger Information Display System)

Using latest networking and software technologies. PCS has an integrated Public Address (PA) and Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) which meets the highest of rail standards in terms of fire safety (EN54), EM compatibility (EN 50121), flexibility and redundancy. It can also interface with other systems such as Fire Detection and Prevention Services (FDPS), Signaling and Train Control System (S&TCS) and Master Clock Systems (MCS) amongst others. This gives the rail operator user a whole new level of not only communication but also ease of use for the rail operator.

Rolling Stock

With our technology partner which is a global leader, PCS Vision has a rolling stock division set to further propel Malaysia to be a global rail exporter. PCS Vision has not only expertise in rolling stock for urban public transport but also long distance, intercity, rolling stock solutions to meet the needs of all rail operators.

EACS (Electronic Access Control System)

In current climate where security of public infrastructure is ever more important, it is necessary for the infrastructure to be not only fully secured but also at the same time provide ease of access to the users of rail systems. PCS Vision’s EACS division not only meets those requirements but exceeds them with fully customizable levels of security, large user accounts database, multi-site across large geographic locations, fast access and a fully robust and highly reliable system.


With our CCTV solutions, the most advanced solutions such as real time facial and threat recognition, PCS VISION provides security peace of mind for the railway industry by helping it to identify, manage and reduce the security risks associated with all public infrastructure such as railway stations and in the train, itself.

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