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Transportation Solutions

Parking Guidance System (PGS)

PCS’s Parking Guidance System (PGS) was designed to guide the drivers to the free parking spaces by the shortest possible route.


Advantages to Customer

  • Early indication of available parking spaces
  • Up-to-date information & directions to preferred car park
  • Indication of the nearest available parking space
  • Orientation assistance (out-of-town drivers)
  • Safe time to find the parking space


Advantages to Car Park Management Office

  • Uniform traffic flow
  • Provides comfort, safety and security
  • Reduced environment pollution
  • Support for urban traffic planning through coordinated control of parking traffic by means of static & dynamic display panels
  • Vast improvement in the image & ambiance of the car park
  • Faster turnaround of cars into the car park
  • Customer satisfaction

Car Park Management System (CPMS)

Our car parking system encompasses the ticket dispensing and payment systems, parking management display, parking indicators, and CCTVs. It serves to automate your parking facility and makes parking a better experience for visitors.

Full control over the GT/TF lane and payment devices

Entrance Station, Exit Station and AutoPay Station can be work in ON and OFF line mode.

Read and Write IN/OUT and payment status into the Ticket and Pass Card

User friendly big screen and voice announce

Autopay Station's LCD screen and Voice Announcer can be customised for advertising

Integrated Touch N Go System

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

To complement the local ITS expansion needs and industrial requirements, PCS Vision assumes the role of a turnkey solution provider, partnering with local and overseas vendors to provide enhanced system integration to helps it clients manage their critical transportation facilities.


We offer a diverse set of professional services that specialize in the design, development, integration, construction and support of high-availability control, security / surveillance, and communication systems. The scope of a complete ITS covers:

Centralised Traffic Control System

Traffic Incident Detection & Management System

Traffic Signal Control System

Traveler's Information System (Variable Message Sign)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

CCTV Surveillance System

Emergency Telephone System

Speed & Lane Control Management System

Video Wall Display System

Toll Collection System

Computerised Lane Management System

Automatic Lane Barrier Control System

Automatic Vehicle Classification

Toll Booth Collection

LED Toll Fare Indicators and Traffic Lights

Receipt Printer / Revenue Control Terminal

Contact-less Smart Card Access System

Central Lane Equipment

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